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Cursed Abyss of Space is a blend of fast-paced real-time tactics and rogue-lite exploration in Lovecraftian space.


Mankind has reached the stars colonizing the entire solar system. But as we looked beyond the edge of it, into the abyss of space, the abyss looked back at us. Space soon turned out to be more dangerous and frightening than anyone could have imagined. We have awakened something, that we couldn't defy. Humanity, forced to leave the Earth in the face of impending doom, built a fleet of colonization stations called Arks. Arks scattered in space and began gathering resources needed for a search of a new Earth. You are the Sentinel - the immortal commander of the Ark, the man whose consciousness was transferred to the machine and enhanced by an artificial intelligence. Your task is to protect the people entrusted to your care. Through the game, you will explore surrounding planetary systems in the search for resources and artifacts of alien civilizations. During exploration, you will face unexpected events forcing you to make difficult choices. You will meet and fight aliens. You will also inevitably meet greater beings. Resources and artifacts gathered during exploration will help you expand fleet and Ark capabilities. During alien encounters, you will lead your fleet into spectacular battles challenging your tactical abilities. Exploration and base management, on the other hand, will test your strategic thinking.


  • A unique mix of genres blending real-time tactics with rogue-lite elements
  • An unsettling game world full of Lovecraftian cosmic horror
  • Short and intense game sessions full of significant choices
  • A fusion of procedural generation and progression providing high replay value


Cursed Abyss of Space - Pre-Alpha gameplay footage YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (10MB)
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Awards & Recognition

  • "The game was a second best project of the second edition of the ARP Games acceleration competition." Cursed Abyss of Space (working title Project BSG), March 7th, 2018
  • "The game has been selected for the second edition of the ARP Games acceleration competition programme." Cursed Abyss of Space (working title Project BSG), September 8th, 2017

About Low Poly Dreams

We are a small independent game development team based in Poland.

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Cursed Abyss of Space Credits

Piotr Sienkowski
Designer, producer and programmer

Błażej Golka
2D Graphic designer

Jacek Przemieniecki

Michał Dominik

Michał Dominik
3d modeler

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